Two Journalist Killed During Live Broadcast

It was a sad day in journalism when journalist Allison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward were fatally shot during a live interview. Wednesday August 26 in Moneta, Virginia the two news team members of WDBJ were conducting an interview when former reporter Vester Lee Flanagan III shot both victims. Flanagan who also appeared as Bryce Williams on WDBJ sent troops on a man hunt after the surprise attack. He later faxed a disturbing 23 page message to ABC News saying “I’ve been a human powder keg for a while…just waiting to go BOOM.” The hunt ended when Bryce shot himself in the head.

Authorities are trying to figure out what led to the sudden attack. In the long fax to ABC News he wrote his anger has been filling up but the shooting in Charleston South Carolina pushed him over the edge. Years of working in television and experiencing what he claims to be racial discrimination and sexual harassment resulted in him filing EEOC Reports and tweeting things like “Alison made racist comments.”

On the day Williams was fired, he and General Manager Jeff Marks had a meeting that resulted in an angry outburst and Williams handing Marks a wooden cross claiming “You’ll need this” on his way out.

Family Members and many journalist across the nation are mourning the loss of Allison Parker and Adam Ward. Both newsies were showing up for another day of work doing what they love. Journalist are continuing to unite together and send our prayers and thoughts towards loved ones.