Top Five Apps All College Students Need

Technology is so cool. Honestly, how would some of us get around town, quickly communicate or search for an immediate response without technology. Technology has made life just a LIIITTTLLEEE easier. In college technology is as important as a textbook. It is just as important as coffee or tea before an 8 a.m. class. Well, maybe not THAT important.

However, I have some basic necessary apps that every college student should download. That will make life just a LIITTTLLLEEE easier.


  1. Sleep Cycle –

How many college students know what sleep is? Not a lot of students get a lot of it each nights. With term papers, book readings, tests, quizzes, finals, group projects, work and social life, sleep gets lost in the wind. This app tracks your sleep. By tracking your sleep, you are able to see the times when you rest the most and rest the least. When you are able to determine this you can TRY to plan out your sleep. Sleep Cycle also acts as a natural alarm clock. When you sleep the lightest, closer to morning time, the app rings with a relaxing tune to wake you up.


  1. Dualingo –

If you are taking a foreign language class this app will become your best friend. I had to take two semesters of Spanish and this app helped me study. If you happen to be waiting at the bus stop, taking a bathroom break or checking your social media, why not learn a few other languages along the way? Not only do you see the definition of the word but you learn how to say it correctly, and use it in sentences and hear it. Dualingo is the perfect app for those taking foreign language classes and need a little extra help on learning a new language.


  1. Mint –

I learned about this app a little late during my college career. But this is a great financial app saver for your college money needs. Of course you already have your banking app to stay afloat on your daily spending’s, (at least I hope you do) but this app allows you to budget as well. You will receive tips on how to reduce your spending, where you can cut back and where you can spend a little be more. By signing up for this tool now, you are signing up for financial success in the future.


  1. MyFitnessPal –

Ok, Ok I know, working out is tough but this app makes it a tad bit easier. When you are so busy in college sometimes working out helps just relieve some of the stress it brings on. This app tracks not only the calories you burn but the calories you intake as well. Whether you are on a strict diet or just need to get your body in shape, this app is great for the everyday college student.



  1. Googledrive –

If you have an iPhone or an Android, have no fear because this app is useful for all phones anywhere! Have you ever been somewhere and needed to pull up a document that was saved on your computer, or wanted to take a picture of something but ran out of storage? This app allows you to save documents, pictures, songs and much more to GoogleDrive. So many times I have forgotten to print out a paper but many times my professor will say “just email it to me.” Seconds later the document will be sitting in my professor’s inbox. All because my files are saved to Googledrive.



If you have any useful apps to share please comment below!