To Inspire.

Day to day we live a life of non-stop. We are constantly going without taking the time to consider others. If we are doing one task, our brain does not stay there for long. We quickly go to the next task at hand. There are so many concerns we have, we forget about what we are leaving behind.

What are you doing to spread the light you were given? How are you speaking life into someone? A stranger, classmate, friend or co-worker?

I challenge you to inspire someone. To motivate, to encourage, to influence someone.

What are you doing to inspire change, even within yourself? Leave your thoughts below.



One thought on “To Inspire.

  1. The Mom says:

    Making a new commitment to just be present and engaged in the moment with others. To listen attentively and share my experiences… and to not always be in such a hurry, but to take in the precious gift of time given to us.

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