Three Hard Truths To Learn In College

1. Your Degree Will Not Just Be Handed To You

In High School it’s very easy to just coast through school. If you fail a test, no worries you will just take a retest. Or stock up on some extra credit. In High School who actually read their school books? The only time books were open was to do assignments.

Transitioning to college is a lot of more work. There are no retest on exams. Extra credit does not consist of staying after class to help staple papers. You actually have to READ your textbook.

College is tons of fun, socially. But education is an important factor as well. Coasting through college will not guarantee you a degree. Long hours of studying, visiting professors office hours and study groups are significant in earning your degree.

2. Every Relationship Started Will Not Last Until the End

Besides studying, studying, studying, tons of relationships will be made. You will have the opportunity to meet so many people during the college experience. Not every relationship you make will last to the final year of school. Once you leave your parents’ home you are independent.

You have no one to tell you what to do, when to do it and how to do it. (Unless you live in a dorm) During your four years (or more) of learning about yourself you change and people change. Lots of people say “during college you find yourself.” I’m not sure if that is true for everyone but you sure do learn A LOT about yourself and others.

People grow apart and people find different interest. It’s all a part of the process during college. It is important to not get too attached with people you first meet but spread your friendships around.

3. Life is Better When You are Being Yourself

During the process of growth in college, you will come in contact with people from all different walks of life. There is much pressure to conform to be something you are not.

The truth is you DON’T HAVE TO. Life is much easier when you are honest with yourself and live life with SINCERITY. You’d be surprised with how many opportunities and people that will come into your life because you are being YOU!

What are some truths you’ve learned during school? What are you learning about life now? Let me know!