The Constant Struggle To Fit In

What is a day in your life like as a young woman? When you wake up in the morning whatever your routine may be, check social media, turn on the radio or watch T.V, how many times are you being sold something? All over the media there is a demand to have young women look and be a certain way.

It is now 2015 things are changing and it seems if you are not on the bandwagon now, you should hurry up and hop on before you get left. There are new “dating” trends like “Netflix + Chill.” More and more likely guys no longer take girls out on traditional dates. Instead of going out to a dinner and a movie, guys and gals would rather hook up. Not putting all guilt on guys, some gals now and days have forgotten their worth and would prefer to hook up.

I recently watched a recent episode of the Bad Girls Club (A show I used to be obsessed with) and girls on the show where willingly and regrettably having sex with strangers. And defending their actions with saying if a young woman wants to hook up with a guy and have no relationship with them, they should. Now, just hooking up with someone with no intention of calling them back was not just invented in 2015. The question is has this society and millennials become desensitized to natural relationships being formed? No more getting to know someone for who they are and building a foundation?

Media has now given women in America a defined beauty. With images like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Miley Cyrus, give us an example of what we should strive to be in beauty. Millennials are now thrilled with the idea of live fast, no regrets.

If you are a woman reading this and are like others women in the world who do not have the desire to conform to society, cheers! It is important for me as an Aunt to remind my niece how beautiful she is a black girl. It is vital to only feed her positive images about her culture and heritage.

With everyone trying to look like someone that is not them, by buying clothes that they would wear, buying extensions or cutting their hair, pounding their face with makeup, it’s not worth it. Try something different and stand out. Embrace the beauty of your naturalness. Accept the uniqueness that you were made in likeness of our creator.


The next time you are being sold something that disfigures your natural waistline or someone tells you, you have to act this way or look this way to be important in this world DON’T BELIEVE IT.

Have you ever struggled with trying to fit in? Do you have any advice to offer? Leave your thoughts below.