The #1 Thing You HAVE To Bring To College

Textbooks..check. Laptop…check. Notebooks…check.

You have everything you should need for college to pass all your classes. Your dorm is decorated perfectly and your wardrobe is on point, might I add! What else do you possibly need for college to make life a little easier? I’m sure a lot of people have never told you this, because no one ever told me either.

But, one of the #1 thing you HAVE to bring to college is a JOURNAL! Why? Because you just do!

Now, I know what your thinking…”Ain’t NOBODY got time for that!” You are busy, tons of studying, work and trying to balance a social life, yes. But, keeping a journal not only relieves stress, helps you sort out your thoughts and possibly keep you at balance, it gives you something to look back on.

When you attempt to journal daily, you have an opportunity to look back over your life and see how far you’ve come. Look back over those minor tiffs you had or frustration with classes or stress filled weeks. The cool thing about journal-ING is, after you write an entry, you can leave it there and never revisit that emotion or experience ever again. Or you can look back over your entries and laugh, or cry or rejoice for where you are at in life now.

Don’t knock journal-ING to you’ve tried it!

Do you have any tips to relieve stress or comments on journal-ING?

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