Mid Semester Funks

It is now October. The leaves on trees are starting the change colors. The crispness in the air is becoming more and more delightful. There are signs for Halloween and fall parties all throughout neighborhoods. There is a marathon full of Halloween Movies for all ages somewhere on T.V. Chunky scarves and pumpkin spice lattes are slowly becoming the #newnormal.

October also means Mid-terms are quickly creeping their stressful heads into plans and finals shortly after.

I talked with one of my closest friends this week about her graduating. How quickly this semester came to close. How exciting it is and how the final days of college tend to be the days you turn up[1] the most!

The excitement of what is to come next after graduation takes over 80% of thoughts for the day and the other 20% is “what’s for dinner.” But, whether you are graduating or just trying to finish your sophomore year, the semester is quickly coming to an end quick.

Enjoy your final days of this semester and buckle down so you can enjoy a much needed break.

The year is almost over and finals are around the corner. Keep pushing and don’t let up!

What other tips and advice do you have for college students? Leave them in the comment boxes below!




[1] The act of partying extensively