Legacy Schmegacy

I knew of a guy once who was dedicated to having a legacy. He was determined to have people know his name once he left school. He said he would always go back because he would always have a reason to. At that moment I didn’t understand. Why would someone would want to go back to a chapter that is closed? Why would you want people to remember who you are? Why care so much about leaving a lasting impression on people behind that you don’t know and don’t care about?

It wasn’t until recently when talking to one of my fav cousins (I know you are reading this..hey girl!!) that she said something to me that I don’t think she realized the impact that it had on me. She said, “how do you want people to remember you?” She paused.  I thought.. I wonder what people think of me now. She continued to say, “do you want people to remember you by a bad attitude or do you want people to remember you by how kind you are and how encouraging…beautiful…amazing…generous…thoughtful…positive…wonderful..” Okay, okay, she didn’t say all of that. But she did ask me if people would remember me for the good qualities  I have?

That stuck with me.

A lot of times we don’t realize what type of impact we have on others. Sometimes the first time we meet someone or the first time we engage in conversation could possibly define the way we continue to look at them.

Every time I encounter someone, if I am complaining all the time, that’s all they will remember me by. How much I hated this and that and wished everything was over and done with. That would stand out to them. But, if I am continue to uplift and encourage and be selfless around others that’s how I want to be remembered. Not by the way I look, dress, smile or style my hair, but how I made people feel or, how I could have shined a little light on someone’s day.


Of course you can’t please everyone. But if you have the time, think about the legacy you’ll be leaving behind. Whether you are leaving this earth, leaving a job, leaving a class, leaving a school, or leaving a small town, how will people remember you?

How will you leave your legacy behind? Share them below!