Enter Freshman Year Like A Boss

*This photo was taken August 23, 2011. My first photo as an undergrad*

Pop open the juice carton it’s time to celebrate, you got into college! I’m sure you’re asking yourself….

“What’s next?” “Will I make friends” “Will my classes be hard?” Well let me tell you first, congratulations! Getting into college is a hard thing to do, and you did it! Now it’s time to pick a room assignment, go to orientation, meet your adviser, pick your classes and get to know the campus you will spend the next four years (or more). Seems like a lot, right? Well trust me, it will all be worth it. College is an amazing thing. You meet some of your lifelong friends, pick your career path and possibly find yourself. College may seem a bit overwhelming but here’s a few tips I learned that could help you.

  • Take a Deep Breath

College is one step for education and one giant leap for the individual. For some, there might be tons of pressure riding on you. You may be the first to make it to college, pay for college yourself or holding on by a thread.

But take a deep breath and know this is one experience that a lot of people didn’t get the opportunity to have. The college life will encourage you to grow and learn more about yourself, daily. This is something you want to take advantage of and live it to the fullest!

  • Join an Organization

If you are like me, you will not be entering college with your high school “posse.” The first few weeks may be a little awkward to be all by yourself.

To quickly find friends/associates join an organization. Most universities and colleges have involvement fairs for incoming freshman or transfers to find clubs that interest them. Some schools even have organizations you can join before even entering as a student on campus, check your school’s website for more information.

Try not to stick yourself in a bubble by staying in your room and not interact with other students. This is a memorable experience so try to meet as many new people on campus and be friendly, you never know who you might be networking with.

  • Have ME Time

Between getting acclimated to the new college experience, living as adult, balancing class, work and clubs and friends you can barely fit in personal time. This is an important factor because without ‘me’ time comes stress

. You have plenty of time for stress, but for now spread out your duties evenly and leave a little time for yourself. This can be going to exercise by yourself or reading a book alone, watching a movie or just taking a nap.

Trust me naps come in pretty handy when you are an undergrad. Spend time with yourself alone to try not to get too attached to all the things you have on your plate. This will give you clarity, relaxation and happiness overall.

Get excited about entering your first year of undergrad, you should be! This is one experience you will never forget.

Tell me what you were or are looking forward to for college?