Dealing With Roommate Conflict

Entering into college, living in a dorm, with a stranger can be extremely uncomfortable. If you are the only child you might be in for a treat!

But I have had my share of roommate conflict as well as some of the best roommates I could ever imagine. Through my experiences I want to share with you some tips being a Resident Assistant and Student I’ve learned along the way to avoid roommate conflict.

Before I get into the list first and for most it is a no brainier that both of you should RESPECT EACH OTHER!

It is extremely important that both of you respect each others personal space and belongings. Also it is very important that you two respect each other individually. You will be living with this person for the next year. Show respect to receive the same.

Now on to the tips…

  1. SHARE… But Only If You Want To….

Bring your own stuff. Have your own surge protector, television, school supplies, etc. You are not obligated to share any of your belongings if you don’t want to. It is all up to you. If you share your belongings with your roommate ahead of time, in the long run there might be some issues. What you think is yours will be theirs and vice-verso.

  1. Your Roommate is Not Your ONLY Friend

Get out there. Make new friends. Entering school as a freshman can be intimidating but you have your roommate with you by your side. However, don’t get attached at the hip. You should have your own friends as well as your roommate. If you and your roommate fall out, who else are you going to hang out with?

  1. Learn to Communicate

If you’re lucky, you and your roommate will never have any conflicts. However, just in case you do have tiffs, know how to express your concerns. You are an adult now. You do not have to yell to get your point across nor insult the persons character. Both of you should set aside time to discuss things privately in an adult manner.


  1. Contact your Resident Adviser (RA)

If #3 doesn’t work, contact your RA. You paid lots of money to live where you do and you should feel comfortable. Sometimes it’s best to have a mediator present to keep the environment neutral and calm.


  1. Create Some Space

Sometimes conflict can turn into passive rage. Those moments when you can clearly feel the tension in the room. If need be have some time to cool off and collect your thoughts. Pop in some headphones. Or better yet, bury your face in your studies! Go to the library. Take a walk. Get out of that environment and find some peace.


  1. Work it Out and Have Fun!

Since you’re so smart to get into college, you are smart enough to handle roommate conflict. College is a great experience. Don’t let roommate tiffs get you down. Work it out to the best of your abilities and move on.


What tips do you have on roommate conflict? Share them below!