College Cancels Health Insurance for Students to Prohibit Birth Control Use

Wheaton College has been on top of the blogs recently.

The popular evangelical college is discontinuing health insurance for students.

Because of the contraception policy in the Affordable Health Care policy, the school has claimed a religious exemption. So what does this mean?

Announced on July 10, a quarter of the 3,000 students of the Christian college will have to find different health care plans. According to the Chicago Tribune, Wheaton College is -taking a firm stand against Obamacare’s controversial contraceptive mandate.-

Obamacare recognizes that organizations have a right to religious freedom.

This causes big controversy because of the beliefs the school encourages to students. If they would provide birth control and morning after pills they may seem hypocritical to allow health insurance for students who are able to receive contraceptives. However, Vice President, Paul Chelsen, says this issue is “bigger than student health insurance.”

Basically, Wheaton is doing everything it can to withhold any students for using birth control. Although students are not allowed health insurance faculty and staff are.

Are school officials being a bit dramatic? Does the school have the right to not give students a choice?

Senior at Wheaton Chris Prescher, expresses the school is “putting petty politics above caring for students.”

What are your thoughts on this story?

Should students have the right to take contraceptives or not? Is the school being petty? Is it worth a lawsuit? Let me know your thoughts!