Beat Summer Boredem! #neverboredsummersixteen

Schoooooollll is. Out. For Summer. Did you throw your papers up in the air when the last bell of the day rang? Did you celebrate with your friends after you finished your all your finals for the semester? Now that summer is here what are your plans?

I don’t know about you but sometimes when summer break hit, my family and I never took trips to the islands or flew to other parts of the country. Honestly, most of my summers during high school consisted on me, food, TV and more food. Most of the time I was B-O-R-E-D.

Not until later in life did I get fed up with being lazy. Here are some things I did that could help you beat boredom. Whether you are in college or high school, this helped me and could help you to.

  1. Get a job

Since you are at home with nothing to do, why not make some extra cash? That way you don’t have to hassle your parents for new clothes, the latest phone or you could even help contribute to your college fund. Whatever you choose to do with your money is your choice, but why not work for your coins? Looootttts of businesses hire during the summer because they know you are home for summer break and they want to pay you for working for you. Most jobs you don’t need experience to do. Hostessing  or waitressing at a restaurant or  working in retail there are plenty of jobs out there for you during the summer.


  1. Pick Up A Book

You’d be surprised how many times you can get lost in a book over a span of months. Why not expand your mind to reading instead of passing ime by watching TV. There are so may series books out right now that could spark your imagination and others that shares knowledge. Reading is fun! …. (Wow, I never thought I’d say that)


  1. Volunteer

Join a summer camp. Now that you are in High School or college, younger kids can’t wait to hear your teenage/young adult wisdom. Some camps even pay volunteers. Not only will you get to give back but you will meet some incredible people along the way that you will work with.


  1. Start a Blog 😉

Now this one coming straight from the heart. During my job search of summer 15, I needed something that would stimulate my mind and let me be creative. My life is not that interesting AT ALL but you’d be surprised how much you may enjoy writing and may help people along the way. It doesn’t have to be about lifestyle it could be about anything. And you could make some money off of it too! $$$


  1. Commit to a Healthy Lifestyle

One summer my brother and I committed to this now old workout called “P90-X.” Every day we committed to a schedule to work out and to eat healthier. Instead of sitting around and eating honey buns all day we exercised our bodies and saw results. Sometimes when you’re bored, it helps to commit to something so you don’t find yourself without anything to do all day.


  1. Write a Book/Play

Let your creativity juices flow and write a book or a play. Go outside the box and run with it. I’ve written a book….. It probably won’t get published….. But, I wrote a book. You can write about ANYTHING you want.


  1. Get Crafty

Knitting is cool. I know that may sound weird, but I picked up the habit on break and haven’t put my needles down since. Getting crafty lets you express your creativity as well. You could even turn your crafts into a small business by selling them. Necklaces, bracelets, mugs or photo frames can all be created by the hands of you.


What are some other things to do during the summer to keep you interested? List them down below!





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  1. Brittany Lindsay says:

    Hey Chloe! I love this article, I remember when I was in school, BEFORE the legal hiring age, my sister and I would join my mom in helping with her work durning the summer. This was a way to get out of the house. Unfortunately, not all kids are able to help their parents on the job, so alot of this you listed are EXCELLENT ideas! I will love to share this article! Thanks!

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