Be Careful While Partying

Who doesn’t love a good party?! Although parties are fun they can be very dangerous. There are many criminal cases of women who are date raped or people who black out from drinking too much. Here are a few tips to carry with you the next time you want to be a party animal.

  1. Work Now Play Later

Make sure you do all your homework ahead of time. Yea, partying is fun and great but school comes first. If you are going out Friday night but have an assignment do Monday put in as much work as you can to complete that assignment first.

  1. Designate a DD (Designated Driver)

It’s important to plan ahead. Before heading out with your group, plan out who the “Sober Sally” will be. It is important that everyone in the group knows that the DD cannot drink the entire night because, drinking and driving is NOT cool.

  1. BYOB

You don’t have to drink the “secret punch.” Don’t be naïve to situations and take whatever drink is handed to you. It’s fine to have your own drink and know what’s in it than have a foreign drink and not remember what happened the next day.

  1. Learn your Limit.

Nobody wants to be that drunk person in the corner crying to their mom on the phone. Or the drunk person who is puking behind the house. You have to know when to stop. You don’t have to be drunk to every party you go to. Have fun but don’t overdo it. It’s never cool to ruin someone else’s fun.

  1. Never go alone

Whether you are planning to go to a party or there with your friends. NEVER GO ALONE. While you are at the party and you need to go to the restroom grab your friend and head for the john. Don’t leave a party without telling your friends where you are going. The motto is you go together, you stay together and you leave together.

  1. Bring the Essentials

Before you head you head out make sure you have what you need for the night.

  • Cell Phone
  • ID
  • Keys
  • School ID
  • Cash (For the after party meals #TacoBell)
  1. Have your own party with friends

If plans go left why not  stay in create your own party with just your friends. There are so many things to do with your friends soberly. Have a game night, movie night, craft night, Netflix and binge night. The home party ideas are endless.


Yes it is fun to go out every now and again and have fun with your friends. But, remember why you are at school. (THAT DEGREE HUNNY!) Stay safe and remember you can always have fun with being sober with your friends.

Do you have any more tips for college partying? Let me know below.





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