12 Random Things You Need To Bring To College

Moving to college is like moving a minivan into rabbit hole. Everything will not fit. Moving off into adult hood of course you want to bring everything you think you will need from childhood but you just can’t. After bringing the necessary things you will need for school. Here are a few things I wish I would have prepared to bring before I went away to school.

1. Extra Blankets

It gets pretty chilly late night in dorm rooms. It good to have an extra blanket for those freezes in the middle of the night. A blanket is also good for those movie sessions in your friends’ rooms. During finals week blankets are VERY handy in the library. You can get cheap ones wherever. Amazon has some creative blankets too.

2. Buy Bulk

This may not be an item but for all items that are going to be bought for you it would help to buy in bulk! This minimizes constantly going to Walmart to restock on toiletries and food. If you buy in bulk you could stock up and share with your roommates and friends. What an easy way to make friends, sharing food!


3. Tennis shoes

Who cares about being stylish on campus? Well, it wouldn’t hurt to put a little effort into outfits. But, tennis shoes are so comfortable for those long distance walks to class. There are plenty of ways to dress up your athletic style on campus. For inspiration looks check out my Pinterest

4. Rain Boots

IT STILL RAINS AT SCHOOL. Don’t use the weather as an excuse to not go to class. Get your money’s worth! Invest in some cute rain boots and an umbrella and strut to class. P.S. if you do decide to go to class in pretty horrible rain professors will most likely give you extra credit.

5. Ear Plugs

This is one thing I definitely wish I would have known before going to school. Get plenty of ear plugs to use when you’re sleeping. Living in a dorm room your neighbors might be a little loud or your roommate may snore like a lion in their sleep. It’s important that you get your beauty rest! Ear Plugs for quiet sleeping can be found anywhere!

can opener

6. Can Opener

Don’t forget this! Some canned goods don’t have the easy pop top so be sure to get a can opener. Those late night soup or ravioli cravings happen and no one seems to have a can opener. Be the hero and get a can opener.

7. First Aid Kit

Accidents happen. A first aid kit can have you ready for those nasty paper cuts or ugly blisters or minor scrapes. Always have one handy.


8. Shower Shoes

It would be a shame if you forgot these. Seriously. Living in a dorm you never know who or what used the shower before you. Shower shoes are just an all-around must to bring to school and the up most sanitary necessity for showers.

9. Hats/Caps

For those days when you just don’t feel like doing your hair, or it goes with your cute outfit, you can never go wrong with a baseball cap.

10. Alarm Clock

Of course we have alarm clock on our cell phones but don’t always put all your trust in those things. You don’t want to set your alarm for an important day in class or your FINAL and your phone happens to die or turn off in the middle of the night. It’s a good idea to have an alarm clock just in case.

11. Slippers

Bring a pair of comfy slippers that you can walk around your dorm room in or residence hall. An even better idea is bringing your slippers that you use from home to school. That way you can have a little piece of home with you on your feet.


12. Electric Kettle

This item right here is a must have! Late nights when you don’t feel like going to use the microwave to heat up your food you can right in your room. Many dorms don’t allow microwaves, hot plates or coffee pots in rooms. But, electric kettles are acceptable!! They don’t run to stiff in price so grab a kettle and get to cookin’!

Do you have any items you want to share with incoming freshmen that I didn’t add? Comment below and tell me!



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